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A LOTTA LOVE remakes and maintains homeless shelter & crisis center rooms to be welcoming, safe, comforting spaces for the people who need them.



Nonprofit Organization Consulting

  • Drafted nonprofit organization policies and procedures manual for board of directors

Community Engagement and Fundraiser

  • Secured FilmFest919 and Drive in Carraway Village partnerships for A Lotta Love as a Charity of Choice and give-back film nights

Corporate Sponsorship

  • Secured Corporate Sponsorship of $3000 In-Kind Donation from Southeastern Tile Connection
    for remodel of women’s homeless shelter kitchen remodel

Kelly Hunter

Kelly Hunter

Executive Director, A Lotta Love

"Sarah's input on how to grow and stabilize our nonprofit was a huge help. Her experience in operations helped us better organize our long-term planning. By putting us in touch with philanthropic partners we expanded our donor base and her connection with a local corporation allowed us to complete a large kitchen renovation for a domestic violence shelter well under-budget. We're grateful to Sarah for sharing her insight and expertise. We also just thoroughly enjoy her company."

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