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Kibera Community Empowerment Organization

Kibera Community Empowerment Organization is passionate and dedicated team of individuals committed to transforming the lives of  disadvantaged individuals, in the Kibera community.

Through their various programs and initiatives, they strive to provide an empowering environment that fosters education, careers, safety and self-sufficiency, and community engagement.


  • Mission and vision review and expansion

  • Grant research

  • Developed operational policies and procedures for US partnerships

  • Community engagement campaigns for women self employment programs

Nick Rodriguiez

Nick Rodriguez

Board Member | Advisor

Africa: Kibera Community Empowerment Org

"Sarah is at the very top of my list of professionals that I would recommend for nonprofits initiatives. As a nonprofit co-founder & board member for NGOs in the U.S. and in Africa, I was nothing but impressed working with Sarah. She provided consulting for me on multiple nonprofit initiatives in Africa and Colorado. Sarah's expertise helped launch our community based initiatives to the next level.  Sarah is both competent and kind -a wonderful colleague to have on your team."

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