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The Lion Project

The Lion Project provides nonprofits with service projects, volunteers and compelling mission driven videos so they they can advance their own missions further. Service projects have addressed mental health, foster care, and food scarcity in the Denver Public Schools.


  • Mission and vision review and expansion

  • Tracked program outcomes

  • Grant research

  • Grant writing

  • Developed operational policies and procedures

  • Public relations and increased media exposure

  • Secured GuideStar Platinum status

  • Community engagement campaigns

Zak Ferry

Executive Director, The Lion Project

"Working with Sarah has been an incredible experience and rewarding. She has the unique ability to see the vision of the potential of your story and the remarkable ability to string words together to bring it to life.


Her public relations and social media campaign increased our philanthropy's public awareness, and resulted in a feature on NBC and advanced our nonprofit the opportunities for expanding our media presence through print and television interviews, and her grant writing increased our funding."

Zak Feery CEO Lion's Project
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