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global orphan prevention school building

Compass Rose International

Formerly Global Orphan Prevention, Compass Rose International uplifts young women vulnerable to child trafficking and mental health, providing tools for resilience, confidence, safety, and independence. 


  • Mission and vision review and expansion

  • Tracked program outcomes

  • Created annual report

  • Developed operational policies and procedures

  • Public relations and increased media exposure

  • Secured GuideStar Gold status

Katie Hilborn

CEO & Founder Global Orphan Prevention

Anthem Award Millennial Changemaker of the Year

"Global Orphan Prevention found a valuable partner and resource for our nonprofit's growth with Sarah. She helped us expand our programmatic vision, track outcomes, created our first annual report, consulted on developing our operational policies and procedures, increased our media exposure, ultimately increasing our GuideStar status. Sarah helped us gained both knowledge and tools for growth that supported our nonprofit mission. I recommend your organization partner with her for effective mission-driven outcomes."

Katie Hilborn
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